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The Well-Prepared Student: How to Get Ready for the High School Years MP3 DOWNLOAD
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The Well-Prepared Student: How to Get Ready for the High School Years MP3 DOWNLOAD

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Overview - Susan Wise Bauer gives clear, specific directions for helping a middle school student prepare, academically and practically, for high school.



In this session, learn what and how to teach your child in grades 5-8--before that ninth-grade year begins. How can you be sure that you’re handling the transition from elementary learning to more complicated studies properly? What do you do when your child resists? What should you do in the seventh and eighth-grade years to make sure that your student is ready for high school? 

 Includes suggested milestones for each year and subject, as well as practical suggestions for catching up and covering material that may have been missed.

May or may not include the following advice:

1. Look at your grocery budget. Double it. Then double that result. Then throw away those numbers and go buy a forklift.

2.a. If you have a son, remind him that one shower does more good than an entire bottle of Axe Body Spray.

2.b. If you have a daughter, remind her that 100% of the ads, and 90% of the articles, in the magazines aimed at her are lies.

3. Have your child search for the phrase "the right to drive a car" in the U.S. Constitution, the Geneva Convention, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Promise to surrender the keys as soon as this phrase is located.

4. Leave loving little hints lying around the house, such as the useful pamphlet "Enrolling Your Son in the French Foreign Legion Without His Consent: A Legal Guide."

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